What is Local Search, or Business Listing Optimization?

Local search is a type of inbound marketing where a user's search phrase relates to a specific, local area. Users may type in a search plus a city name, or mobile devices may use geo-location to identify the searcher's current position.

Local business can create, verify and optimize their local listings on a variety of sites, including Google My Business, Bing Local, Yellow Pages and many more. Submitting this data has multiple benefits. Not only can customers can get directions and call your phone number, but search engines use the information as a measure of confidence in your business.

The more consistent your business name, address, phone number and URL are across sites, the more likely your business listing on Google Maps and Bing Maps will be displayed.

Local Search Statistics

  • Over 2.6 billion local searches are performed monthly and that number grows more than 50% each year (Small Business Community)
  • 43% of internet searches performed today use a local keyword. 86% of those searches convert to a phone call or visit to the physical location (SE Leads)
  • 20% of the searches made on Google are for local information (Social Media Today)

If you are not well represented in local search, you may be missing out on a significant amount of traffic - digitally and physically. Local searches are usually conducted by customers in the area who are typically close to making a purchase. Capturing these leads could provide a huge boost for your business.

Making sure your listing shows up on the map is more than just entering your information. While keeping your information up to date is important (you don't want to display the wrong phone number or address), there is still more you can do to increase impressions, ranking and click through rate.