What are Domain Names & Hosting Services?

A domain name is the URL users enter to navigate to different websites, for example, www.volume12marketing.com. A domain is not a website, it is simply the address to get there.

A web host is where all your website pages and files are stored. When people type in a URL, it directs them to these files and they see a website.

Are certain domains or hosts better?

Selecting a domain is a crucial part of any business trying to establish an online presence. You want to select something that represents your business, that is unique and that is easy to remember.

The best domain names and URL’s are short and sweet. People tend to forget or mistype long and complicated URLs. This URL will be marketed on business cards, emails, company vehicles, and a variety of other places, so keeping it simple is usually the best way to go.

When searching for a hosting company, you must look at what kind of traffic you expect to get and what kind of features you are looking to implement on your site. Some companies provide shared hosting while others provide dedicated servers for larger clients.

How much does it cost?

While there are many deals and packages out there, generally speaking you can purchase a domain for around $12 a year and hosting service for around $10 a month.