What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a collection of tactics that help companies generate business from online users. In today’s world, creating a successful digital marketing strategy is crucial for the future success of nearly all local businesses. From creating a well functioning and optimized website, to gathering followers on social networks, to running paid ad campaigns, each piece of marketing provides its own unique benefits and advantages.

Search engine optimization is the “free” marketing that comes from setting up your site correctly to rank naturally for keywords related to your industry. This helps generate recurring traffic, month after month. Paid search advertising, or pay per click marketing, is the fast track to getting your brand in front of people and on top of search result pages. Here you pay for each visit, but have the ability to control when ads are displayed, what they say, and what page people see when they click on your link.

Local search is a subset of SEO, where customers use local keywords to find local results. While SEO may help people find your brand name, local SEO may help people find you when they search for product in your city. They may not know your brand, but if you show up on the map, you will receive a lot more local leads who can quickly turn into customers.

Taking marketing to the next step, use social media to connect with customers. Gathering followers not only provides inside access to their daily feeds, but also helps with your SEO efforts. The more people you connect with, the more it shows search engines that people are interested in your company, potentially giving you a slight boost in rankings. Just make sure you manage your reputation and keep an eye on reviews people leave for your business.

Get your Brand Online

If you’re company is new to the digital arena, here is a quick guide to building a successful digital marketing strategy.

Hint: First step, you need a website.